About Coffee 360

Processing, Product Innovation and Retailing for the Instant Coffee market

The Government in Vietnam has made its intentions clear, value added processing in Coffee is the way forward for the sector. Investment incentive, exploring new technologies, and helping industry cultivate export markets are all on the agenda.

With massive domestic and export markets to tap on, the instant and soluble coffee market is on a 5% YOY growth trajectory and presents many opportunities. Innovation will rule, be it in product, pricing, packaging or promotion. The industry’s only such event for the region will give you the answers.

Coffee 360 will be co located with the 25th Annual Coffee Outlook, co hosted by the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association.

Key discussion themes

  • Retail coffee market trends and consumption outlook
  • Global Product development trends across the instant coffee segments
  • Retailer perspectives on consumer behaviour and product innovation
  • Vietnam Government’s policy and incentive for processing facilities
  • Roaster perspectives on investment outlook in Vietnam’s processing facilities
  • Regional and international demand markets for instant coffee products
  • Strategies for penetrating new markets in instant and soluble coffee
  • Understanding market segmentation and the opportunities it brings
  • New technologies shaping processing and product development
  • Packaging trends impacting innovation
  • Advertising, Marketing and Branding strategies
  • New partnerships and e commerce redefining the instant coffee sector
  • Global investment in processing facilities and a long-term view of capacity, and supply / demand balance