About 25th Annual Coffee Outlook

In our increasingly connected global landscape today, the coffee industry is going through an ever-changing transformation, driven by the rise of technology and shifting consumer values. By 2023, the global coffee market is predicted to expand at 4.32% CAGR. Understanding the supply and demand fundamentals, and where the industry is innovating towards is extremely crucial.


Following the economics of coffee to the minuscule detail of its processing journey — from bean to brew, Vietnam Coffee Week will bring together traders, roasters and major coffee brands to address up-and-coming market trends and commercial issues, and deep-dive into innovative solutions transforming this multi-billion dollar industry.

Co-locating the 25th Annual International Coffee Outlook and Coffee 360 Summit, this is the region’s leading industry gathering at the forefront of shaping the future of our coffee.

New in the 25th Edition of Coffee Outlook!

  • The Global position on Coffee – price, supply and consumption
  • Consumer preferences and retail trends impacting the end product
  • The latest in Vietnam Government’s policy for Coffee
  • Vietnam’s green bean buyers – a road show of market developments, risk and opportunities
  • Projecting he global demand for certified sustainable coffee
  • Coffee and the UN SDG – a strategic approach to industry sustainability
  • Climate smart agriculture for Coffee plantations
  • Smart water management and supply security
  • Farmer support – Strategies for grower incentives and long-term sustainability
  • Smallholder engagement and how to best collaborate with the growers
  • Partnerships and business models available to promote sustainable coffee development
  • Boosting production of certified and traceable coffee
  • ICT in the Coffee farm and supply chain
  • Cultivating the domestic consumption market in Vietnam
  • Direct trade and the impact of technology on coffee procurement
  • End of day roundtables on pricing, risk, projections and impact of funds